Journaling Tips for Beginners

November 23, 2021
Young Woman Writing in Journal

Journaling is a healing exercise. But people often find it quite hard to begin with it. So, in this article, I’m going to share some journaling tips for beginners.

Begin with an ‘I’

One of the most important tip for anyone new to journaling is to start writing with an ‘I’, i.e., to write about yourself. Don’t shy away. Write about yourself. Share how you feel about what and whom; write about your emotions. Write what you did and what you think about your choices or/and actions. You can start it in the form of a diary or a letter. You can also merely start narrating your story without justifying anything. Just remember that the person doing the journaling is YOU.

An example of such a beginning is: “Today I’m sad because _____”. The beginning can be anything, but don’t forget to add the “I” element to your journal. Adding yourself, i.e., adding the “I” to your journal gives it life. It has super healing powers and it aids a great deal in personal growth.

Treat it as a slate/ random blank paper:

Treat your journal as your slate or some random blank paper. You can use it in any possible way you can. Use it for doodles; make illustrations; make charts; do scribbling. You can browse on Pinterest for finding out some amazing journal illustration ideas. But remember that you’re not supposed to copy anything. It’s your personal journal; so all what you need to do is get some general ideas and add your personal creativity to them.

Make trackers in it:

Have you heard of a tracker? Trackers are amazing things. These days, adding trackers to one’s journal is quite popular. It’s just not for the sake of keeping up with the trend, but trackers in real do play a quite important role. A tracker helps you track your progress in a specific area and helps you analyse your progress and arrive at solutions which eventually aid in your personal growth. Some commonly popular examples of trackers include mood tracker, habit tracker, goal tracker, routine tracker, etc. In their journals, people often create such trackers and update their day-to-day progress to figure out where they are and where they need to go.

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