Facts about Introverts

December 17, 2021

There is no specific definition to define who an introvert is. But the traits discussed in this article can help you understand introverts in a better way.

Traits of Introverts

Discussed below are some of the commonly found traits in introverts. They may not be the same in case of every introvert, but are commonly found in the majority of cases.

  • Silence and solitude are quite common: Introverts are often believed to be quite silent. They generally deliberately prefer to stay quiet in the world full of noise. They even often stay quiet when they know the correct answer. Their friends, teachers and parents often get to notice that despite being quite smart and intelligent, they avoid confrontation and that’s why they are often misunderstood to be dumb. Introverts are believed to be solitude-lovers. But it is found that introverts too, in most of the cases, like people in general like to be with and around people, but it’s just that me-time is their priority. Well, they are often wiser than others and often turn out to be great artists/ personalities.
  • Staying in their own world: Almost all introverts share a common habit of staying in their own world. They try their best to avoid contact with others and prefer to stay with themselves. Some introverts find refuge in books and turn out to be voracious readers, while some find comfort with ink, paper and words and turn out to be amazing writers. These are mere examples. All what others see is the indifference cum asocial nature of introverts, but they fail to notice their creative sides.
  • The option must be there: This is one of the most important traits of introverts. But people in general barely understand it. Introverts feel good if you ask them for joining you in social gatherings, etc. Although they often reject the offer as they avoid people, just being asked out is what gives them happiness. But in case you assume the answer of an introvert to be ‘no’ and don’t ask them out, then it dramatically bothers them for days. No matter the answer was already going to be a ‘no’, but just not being given a choice is highly disturbing for introverts. 

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